Pentateuch: Introduction

by joelleperry

I am blogging a commentary on the Pentateuch. My aim is to expound the Scriptures in a broad way in order to simplify the whole Bible narrative. My strongest intention is to reveal the person of Jesus Christ throughout the Scriptures, as well as the Trinity. I will be approaching the Old Testament in reference to the whole of Scripture, and especially in light of the New Testament.

The most beautiful times I have ever had in my life were when I encountered Jesus in the Word. My hope is to bring the reader to that simplicity of Christ in the Scriptures. I will merely point at the patterns I have found with my favorite texts and won’t be exhaustive (if there ever were such a thing!), because I know that once the reader catches these glimpses of Jesus throughout the Word of God, and patterns of the story of salvation, it is but a door that has been opened. It is an invitation to seek and find, all the while being sought and found by God.

The Scriptures I present are not arguments to make a point. Rather, I am inviting you to a simple meditation on them. The point is to spend time with God in the Word and hear him. This is the way I meditate on Scripture: I read the verses, write them, and spend some time thinking deeply and focusing in on it, in silence. I then may respond to God with listening to hear his voice, thanking him, committing to obey him, telling him my thoughts, and asking him my questions, according to the passage.

What is the reason behind a Christ Centered approach?: See my post: “Jesus is the full revelation of the Father